Training Program

Training implies enhancing the skills and knowledge of the trainees for performing a specific job. Training tries to improve their performance in their current job and prepares them for future jobs. The crucial consequence of training is learning to gain more skillsets.

Objectives of CDI Training Program

To prepare trainees to meet the varying and challenging needs to cultivate their carrier.

To coach trainees for more complex and higher-level jobs in order to build up their current skills.

To educate trainees on new and innovative ways and techniques to enhance their capabilities and broaden their horizons.

To provide knowledge and skills to beginners and to help them to perform efficiently with better knowledge.

What makes CDI Training Programs Different?

Every training program is not the same. Each program requires a different approach and delivery to create an efficient learning space for both our trainers and trainees. At CDI we make sure we go through the following necessary steps before and during a training program:

we identify the needs of each subject and individual trainee and develop programs that are best suited to their needs.

 our trainers lay in the necessary groundwork. They know both what to teach and how to teach with efficient time management. They deliver in such a manner that the trainee does not lose the interest in the subject.

we keep our trainees active during training. We notify and inform our trainees with helpful info that helps them discover more about our training program and keep them engaged with our dynamic platform.  We encourage our trainees to put across their questions and doubts so that they have the best learning experience during our training program

 the trainers explain the logical sequence of the subject so that our trainees perform in the learning process by systematically explaining the complete concept they are performing focusing them on gaining more skillsets. This effectively blocks out arbitrary mistake making as the complex steps are demonstrated for trainees. This way our trainees are more likely able to perform better in exams and tight situations in their jobs. Once they complete our training program, they are ready to take their carriers to the next level in their respective organizations.

trainees are encouraged to give us much-needed feedback on how well we performed the job. We periodically inquire about our valued customers and trainees to give us feedback on the effectiveness of our training programs which in turn helps us to design the best possible program that exceeds their expectations.